Sadly the RNLI shut the St Abbs Lifeboat station on 8th September 2015 despite a strong campaign to reverse the closure. The crew members, committee and the community felt there was still a great need for a life-saving presence in St Abbs so they decided to set up an independent lifeboat station. Fundraising for £500,000 (£250,000 for a new boat and £250,000 for running costs) began in earnest immediately and was well supported. In November 2015 the campaign received an unexpected and lottery-sized donation from Boyd Tunnock (of Tunnocks teacakes and caramel wafer fame). This has allowed for the purchase of a new boat which should arrive in July. Fundraising continues as there are still running costs to raise but it has been an incredible journey so far.

If you are interested in helping out in any way or making a donation please go to their website stabbslifeboat.